IGC10 Conference

June 7-10, 2022
Washington University in St. Louis

June 6- Clinics


GEOS-Chem is a global model of atmospheric composition used by a large research community worldwide for a wide range of applications. International GEOS-Chem meetings are typically organized every two years. The 9th International GEOS-Chem Meeting (IGC9) held at Harvard University in 2019 attracted 237 participants from over 60 institutions and 9 countries

The scope of IGC10 encompasses all topics of research in atmospheric composition. All research scientists, students, and stakeholders worldwide are welcome to attend and contribute presentations. For GEOS-Chem users, the meeting will provide a platform for sharing information about the model and learning about new model developments. Model tutorials for beginning and experienced users will be offered as part of the meeting. Working Group breakouts will focus on specific aspects of the model.

The meeting style will be primarily in-person, while offering some hybrid capability for those unable to travel.

Contact: IGC102022@wustl.edu